Test rubrik

You've been hurting a long time,
the kind of pain I know too well.
It's been pulling you under,
like some kind of evil spell.
I'm gonna hold, I'm gonna hold you,
till the ghosts are disappeared.
I'm not going anywhere, I'm gonna stay right here.

If I have to wait for you, I'll hang on the line.
If I had to just make due, I'll do it 'til the end of time.
If I have to feel this pain, to know that you will be mine, all mine.
Thats the choice I make.
Thats the risk I'll take.
If I have to wait, for you.

Your tears are my tears,
And I'm crying them too.
'Cause I can't, no I can't,
I just can't find a way to get through to you.
I know you really love me, but there is a part of you still missing.
You've given me all that you can, but I want everything, everything, everything.

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